10 Ways to Minimize Exhaustion

10 Ways to Minimize Exhaustion

New things are keeping us up and stressing us out. Find out what to do about it.

While it may just be a sign of the times, a lot of modern-day stressors are things we think are vital to our lifestyles — but that might not necessarily be the case. Since we tend to take stress as it comes as opposed to actively finding ways to avoid it, we’ve taken on a lot of pressure without even noticing.

But when you break modern-day stress out, there are a few reasons why you might find yourself feeling like a zombie come midday.

1. You Don’t Prioritize Sleep
Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind when we hear exhaustion is sleep — or the lack thereof. But if the problem isn’t quantity of sleep, it’s may be quality. Make it a point to unwind every night so you don’t toss and turn thinking about the day’s events or tomorrow’s schedule.

It’s also true that many of us don’t prioritize sleep even though it helps us function at our best levels the next day.

2. You’re Connected 24/7
It used to be that the world more or less shut down when night fell. But now, a 24/7 communication and information system — through our phones, laptops, tablets, etc. — means we’re always connected, always available and always on high alert.

Modern technology causes us more stress and exhaustion because we have been freed up to do so much else. Technology helps us complete our tasks so quickly that there’s no excuse for us not to get things done.


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The modern world often feels stuck in fast-forward, and we fail to notice the toll it takes on everything from our health to our relationships to the environment. So take some time each day to unplug, disconnect and relax.

3. You Deprioritize Yourself for the Sake of Work
We work for various motives: to survive, pay our debts, for creative or intellectual fulfillment, status, or just about anything. But do we really have to work this hard?

Of course, some of these stressors are more within our control than others. We will always have deadlines, responsibilities and ambitions, but those of us who are constantly exhausted or rushing through our lives might want to ask ourselves: How much of how we live is by choice?

10 Ways to Minimize Exhaustion

  1. Pace yourself: Make sure you slow down if you feel rushed
  2. Disconnect: Learn to live without your mobile phone and Internet for a few hours
  3. Reconnect: Prioritize time both with your loved ones and yourself
  4. Meditate: Cut out the worries, reflections and projections from your mind
  5. Don’t multitask: When you engage the brain, focus on one activity at a time
  6. Take your lunch: And take regular breathing breaks to calm down
  7. Have an electronic sundown: Turn off all electronic gadgets by 10 p.m.
  8. Celebrate the end of a deadline: Take time to congratulate yourself before moving on to the next one
  9. Don’t impose “shoulds” on yourself: Spend time doing things you want to do, not what others think you “should” be doing
  10. Practice restorative exercise: After being cleared by a physician, get sweating. Exertion, rest and recovery are the body’s essential natural rhythms for movement

By keeping your obligations to things you truly need and want to do, you’ll be able to enjoy the holidays the way you want to — on your own time.

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