7 Ideas to Achieve Your New Year’s Goals

Check out these 7 ideas for starting a new hobby or an exciting, fresh project.

If you feel like you’ve been in a rut lately – same stuff, different day – why not search for something special to give your day a little twist? We all get a little burnt out from time to time, so varying up your schedule (and going off autopilot once in a while) might be just what you need to shake things up.

1. Feel Motivated
If you’re in need of some motivation to jumpstart your resolutions, try sharing your goals with a friend or family member. By stating them aloud to someone else, you’re more likely to stick with them throughout the year. And even better, you’ll have someone to share in the celebration once your goals are achieved.

2. Create an Inspiring Environment
Even small changes in other aspects of your life can make a difference – a relaxing, rich scent of a Febreze air diffuser in the house, a new piece of framed art, a photo to brighten the kitchen or even a dramatic hairstyle change!

3. Have Fun
Build up your enthusiasm and energy levels by listing things you love doing and work some of these into your week or month.

4. Set Your Goal
Whether it’s about home, family, work or self-improvement, make your goal a real challenge. Research what you need to do and itemize the steps you need to take.

5. Set a Time to Work on Your Goal
Committing to a set time to work on your project allows you to start organizing the rest of your life around it.

6. Be Creative
When brainstorming, come up with 10 ideas – some of the ideas might not be as strong as others, but it helps you develop lateral ways of approaching a task and can lead in new directions.

7. Assess Your Achievements
Judge your progress against your previous work rather than competing with others. Make a note of how far you’ve come by always keeping track of achievements along the way – whether in a diary, on sticky notes above your desk or even photos on your fridge door.

How are you planning to shake things up in the new year? Let us know in the comments below!

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