5 Tips to Start the Day off Right

These five smart and simple steps can get you off on the right foot for a productive day.

Are your mornings a mad rush to beat the clock? Is it always a challenge to get the kids ready for school on time and not be late to work? Is the house chaotic — gulping down breakfast or skipping it, hurrying to get dressed, forgetting homework and losing keys?

Now imagine a world in which, instead of pandemonium every morning, the sun begins to rise and a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere settles in the home.

Luckily, this doesn’t have to be just a dream.

With a positive attitude, you can get the most out of your day and be a great role model for your children at the same time. Being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning benefits your children because they soak up the cheerful mood, learn that mornings aren’t for griping and set their day off to a great start, too! Set the tone for your children so they might carry this experience throughout their life.

1. Waken a Little Earlier
Skip the snooze button. It doesn’t actually offer you an extra 15 minutes of sleep — it only gives you a false sense of extra rest. If you do end up drifting off, you’ll only sleep lightly, knowing in the back of your mind that you will be interrupted again with another alarm. And when it does sound, it comes too soon. Set your clock 15 minutes earlier instead and appreciate the extra wiggle room.

2. Get a Little Exercise
Do your children wake up tired and grumpy? When you ask them to “rise and shine,” show them how! Take just 15 seconds to stretch your arms out. When they climb out of bed, invite them to join you for some yoga stretching. Touch your toes and reach for the ceiling.

3. Eat Well
Prepare a few different healthy breakfast ideas in advance so you’re not dashing to cook and eat. Keep it simple, quick and light but well balanced and nutritious. Breakfast is the first intake of nutrients for the day, so fight the urge to skip it. Here are some great, quick meals to get you through the morning — or beyond:

  • Oatmeal or quinoa with dried fruit
  • Yogurt, granola and fruit parfait
  • Breakfast pizza, tacos or wraps with egg and ham or salmon

Instead of relying on sugary cereals, pastries and fruit juices, opt for real whole fruit as the source of sugar and multi-grains for the starchy carbs. These foods give you energy that can be sustained until lunchtime. Enjoy eating together and chat about what they’re looking forward to during the day. Always include water to rehydrate from the night.

4. Play Sweet Music
Put the good into “good morning” with some fun upbeat music in the background. It will put a bounce in your step and inspire a little dancing while making the bed or cooking up breakfast. The pace of the music will keep everyone moving along and happy. A family sing along can put anyone in a great mood!

5. Prepare with a Checklist
A little preparation takes the panic out of the morning ritual. From picking an outfit to wear the night before to knowing what to eat tomorrow, a plan gives you footing when you wake up in the morning.

To reduce the morning commotion, post a checklist with everything to do before leaving the house in the morning. This can be organized with names of who helps with what. If you take a minute to review the checklist, especially those items we typically forget about, you will all feel less frazzled and the day will go more smoothly.

While there are bound to be some days when you walk out the door with mismatched shoes on, with some preparation and a solid routine, you can ensure you’ll have great mornings most of the time!



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