Room to Grow: Transform Your Outdoor Area

Get simple ideas to make your outdoor space bloom into the ideal warm weather hangout.

Ready to get back outside, but not exactly loving your outdoor space? Does your open-air décor need a refresh? Whether you’ve got one hour, one day or one weekend to make a transformation, we’ve got ideas that can help your outside living area bloom into the perfect warm weather hangout.


First things first; we’ll probably want to start with a quick clean. Outdoor spaces are a little trickier to tidy up, but this guide provides a great step-by-step cleaning list that should only take half an hour to knock out.


To make these cleaning tips even easier, try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Give old patio furniture new life. A little hose water with some scrubbing goes a long way to get rid of backyard dirt buildup. Plus, you can brighten colours and whites on metal and plastic furniture, planters, toys and play sets.

Remember to always test in a small area first!


Even if you’re phenomenal at interior decorating, you may have a hard time imagining a new look for your patio. That’s OK! These 7 ideas can help spark your creativity and give you a new outlook on your outdoor space in just a few hours.


If you’ve got a worn out old piece of wooden furniture on your patio or in your backyard, you don’t have to throw it away. In about a day, you could use one of these 3 easy ways to turn that old bench into something that feels almost brand new!

Did you recently redo your outdoor décor? What was your favourite addition or change? Share your story in the comments below!


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