6 Spring Decorating Ideas You Should Try This Year

6 Spring Decorating Ideas You Should Try This Year

Spring has finally arrived! Follow our tips to brighten your home for the new season.

How we love you, spring. You bring warmer weather, clear skies and sunshine, fresh flowers and fresh starts. Is it any wonder that we’re looking to clean and refresh our homes to match the season?

If you’re itching to redecorate, you’re not alone. What better way to welcome spring than to update your décor and make everything a little more colourful and bright? Check out our quick and easy ideas for refreshing every room in your house.

1. Switch to Seasonal Colors and Patterns

You don’t need a certain paint color to give a room a spring refresh. Start by packing away your winter soft furnishings – all those thick blankets and throw pillows in neutral shades – and treat your home to vibrant cushion covers, spring centerpieces, spring floral-print bath towels or patterned lampshades.

With bright colors and patterns, a little goes a long way. Instead of changing up everything (curtains, blankets, pillows, and so on) swap one or two drab items for something exciting and new.

Tip: Keep hard-to-wash fabrics like curtains, throws, pillows and upholstery clean and smelling fresh by spraying them with Febreze AIR to remove odours for good.

2. Brighten up the Bedroom

Wake up to that clean and fresh spring feeling by opting for lighter colors in your bedroom. Switch out dark, patterned bed sheets in favour of crisp white linens. Accent your new minimalist room with beige or gold cushions, natural woven rugs and a vase of white tulips.

Tip: Wash sheets and duvet covers with Tide PODS to keep them bright, clean and soft.

3. Rethink Your Outdoor Space

Set aside a weekend to tend to the overgrown jungle once known as your backyard. (Get our complete guide here!) Clean scuffs and grime from patio furniture with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and add weatherproof cushions and rugs, a fire pit and torches or strand lighting to transform your backyard into a space where you’ll want to spend all of your time.

4. Get That Springtime Smell

We all want our homes to smell like a fresh bouquet, but the warm weather also brings barbecue smoke and that pesky wet dog smell. Spray Febreze AIR to clean away unwanted odours from the air and leave behind a fresh springtime scent.

5. Tend to the Details

During the winter, you can forgive the odd bit of chipped paint or a broken tile, but in the bright light of spring, the wear and tear around your home becomes much more visible. Walk around your house with a notepad and write down a few home improvement projects you want to tackle. Consider it your DIY spring clean!

6. Maximize Light

Thick blinds and heavy curtains block out the sun and make your windows look small. If you need blinds, opt for chic panel blinds and change to lighter curtains in soft grays, powder blues and pastel colors. After switching out curtains, dust your blinds and windowsills with a Swiffer 360 Duster – its fluffy fibres trap and lock up to three times more dust than a feather duster. If you’re feeling more ambitious, build a window seat where you can enjoy a good book on those warm spring evenings to come.


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