Wallet-Friendly Outdoor Halloween Displays

Learn how to craft spooky outdoor decorations that won’t break the bank.

Leaves are falling and fewer flowers are abloom, but your walkway, porch stoop or front door doesn’t have to remain bare. Think of your home’s entranceways as canvases for frightful and festive accents. With these easy ideas – all crafted from items you probably have on hand – you’ll impress guests and trick-or-treaters alike!

Ghoulish Gourds?
Create spooky scenes with birdhouse gourds decorated as ghosts, and make them even eerier with glow-in-the-dark paint. Hang them in clusters around the front door, suspend a few from overhead hooks or arrange some on porch steps.

Personalized Pumpkins?
Display classic carved jack-o-lanterns, or give your pumpkins a modern twist by embellishing them with paint, glitter, ribbons of lace or colourful masks. Check out this article for more pumpkin-decorating ideas.

Tip: Keep a roll of Bounty paper towels and a Swiffer sweeper nearby to clean up glitter, paint and glue in no time flat.

Recycled Creatures?
Clean several empty milk jugs with water and Dawn dish soap, and let them dry. Then draw ghost, monster and skeleton faces on the jugs with a permanent marker. Illuminate them by carefully cutting a hole in the back and sliding an LED tea light inside.

Black Feather Wreath?
Welcome guests to your home by hanging an elegant, dark-as-night wreath on the door. Wrap a black feather boa around a wire or foam wreath form, secure with floral wire or black thread, and then hang.

You can display spooky wreaths indoors, too. Hang them in doorways, mounted above a mantel or positioned under a centrepiece.

Festive Lanterns?
Guide trick-or-treaters to your doorstep by lining the walkway with seasonal lanterns. Trace or stencil outlines of witches, jack-o’-lanterns or black cats on cans, and punch holes in the outlines so candlelight can shine through.

Autumn Touches?
Dye, gild or paint gourds to display all season long. Stack them on hay bales, with pumpkins or in front of corn stalks to complete the look.

Soaring Ghosts?
Put those plastic grocery bags to good use! Bunch three to four plastic bags of any colour into a ball, then place inside a white plastic bag. Trim off the handles, and use the strips to tie off the ball, forming a neck. Draw a ghostly face on the bag with permanent marker, slide a safety pin through the top and then thread with string. Hang the ghosts from trees and shrubs to create a graveyard effect.

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