Our Favorite DIY Home Decorating Ideas for Fall

Soft textures, indoor gardens and twinkling lights are just the remedy for chillier fall weather.

As the air chills and the leaves change color, we start dreaming of nights spent by the fire with a warm blanket and a good book. As you pack away the beach towels and wading pools of summer, why not embrace the coziness of fall with these simple DIY home décor ideas?


Craft a Twilight Centerpiece

Create some autumnal mood lighting with items you already have on hand. Select an old glass from your cupboard, and gather some thin twigs from the garden. Break the twigs so they are a few inches taller than the glass. The twigs should be similar in height but not identical. Use a glue gun to adhere the twigs tightly to one another and to the inner rim of the glass. Arrange the glass near several candles to create a rustic fall centerpiece.


Supersize Your Knitting

If you’ve already flexed your knitting and crochet skills but want to make more than scarves and hats this fall, why not try giant knitting? Create an oversized knit blanket and drape it at the foot of your bed to add soft, lush texture. Purchase giant knitting needles or make your own out of plastic tubing, and use bulky wool roving for yarn. If you’re not a confident knitter, make some large pom-poms and attach them to the end of a purchased blanket. Knitted blankets can be difficult to clean, so keep your new creation fresh with a spritz of Febreze Fabric, which eliminates odors without leaving behind an overpowering scent.


Bring the Outdoors Inside

As outdoor plants go into hibernation for the winter, invite nature indoors to lift your mood and brighten your home until spring arrives. Succulents make ideal houseguests because they thrive in dry, warm environments. Create a terrarium using a glass bowl with a wide mouth. Put a layer of pea gravel in the bottom for drainage, followed by cactus soil. Plant an attractive range of succulents, and then add a decorative layer of gravel atop the soil to create a stylish mini indoor garden.


Embrace the Cooler Nights

It may be cooler outside, but you don’t have to hole up for the winter just yet! Make the most of mild fall evenings by creating an inviting outdoor space. String some festoon lighting, invest in a fire pit, take lots of blankets outside and become a master of making s’mores. Keep your garden furniture clean despite the dropping leaves with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, which powers through grime and marks with water alone. As the days get shorter, brighten the garden by repurposing large glass jars and placing tea lights or church candles inside them. Tuck them amongst the plants, or place them along a path to light the way.


Create a Mini Library

Fall makes us want to snuggle up under a blanket with a book – but for that, you need the perfect reading nook. It will take a bit of handiwork, but the space underneath your stairs is ideal for a boxed-in daybed and bookshelves. If that’s not possible, build a window seat with a base that doubles as a decorative cubby for books.Have a home décor plan for fall?

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