How to Decorate with Sea Glass

Add delicate, colourful and beautiful beach-inspired touches to your home décor.

Sea glass is glass that has been tumbled by the ocean until it’s frosted, and all the edges are softened. Discover our creative decorating ideas to design with delicate sea glass.

Sea Glass and Driftwood Mobile
Create a beach-inspired mobile that catches the light beautifully.

Fishing line
Sea glass*
Industrial-strength glue

*Tip: Buy industrial-made sea glass in the floral section of craft or dollar stores if natural glass isn’t readily available.


  1. Cut a 60-centimetre (24-inch) length of fishing line, and leave a 15-centimetre (6-inch) tail at one end.
  2. Wrap line around a piece of sea glass once or twice, and secure with a double-knot.
  3. Continue adding pieces of sea glass until it’s filled.
  4. Secure a strand of sea glass to driftwood using the 15-centimetre (6-inch) tail at the top of the sting with a dot of glue.
  5. Repeat for additional strands, until desired look is achieved.
  6. Add a length of fishing line to top of driftwood and hang.

Sea Glass Inspiration

  • Tie sea glass and terracotta pots together to create a unique wind chime.
  • Display sea glass inside glass vases to bring the beach into your home.
  • Glue sea glass to a cardboard form to make a stunning sea glass wreath.
  • Embed sea glass in concrete stepping-stones for a sea-inspired garden walkway.
  • Commemorate vacation with a glass-decorated frame. Insert a vacation photo or postcard.
  • Create a fun accent by embedding sea glass in a plain mirror's frame.
  • Decorate any surface with sea glass, using the mosaic technique.


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