How to Decorate with Mason Jars

Add versatile mason jars to bring beauty and function to your home décor.

Mason jars make beautiful home décor accents. Find them new in the canning section of your local grocery store, or purchase old ones at the thrift store. Add a nostalgic design, or keep it modern, with our new ways to decorate jars.


Paint brush
Mason jar
Decoupage glue
Clear sealer


  1. Paint jar with decoupage glue.
  2. Roll jar in glitter.
  3. Allow glue to dry, and cover with clear sealer.

Tip: Tint the glass. Mix one part water, two parts decoupage glue and several drops of food blue, red or green food colouring. Paint the mixture on the jar and allow to dry.

Mason Jar Inspiration

  • Twist wire around the tops of jars, add candles and hang anywhere to create mason jar votive lanterns.
  • Wrap lace or a doily around the jar, and then spray paint over the lace to bring in a stencilled look.
  • Paint personalized designs on mason jars with help from our painted glassware project ideas.
  • Elevate jars into useful containers that hold candy, powder room supplies and so much more by turning them into decorative vases.
  • Cover a jar with burlap and secure with a ribbon to make a rustic centrepiece.
  • Glue or wrap doilies around the jar, tie with twine or ribbon and fill with flowers or twigs for a romantic vase.
  • Use decorated jars as functional vases. Fill them with family pictures, a variety of moss or anything else you can come up with!


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