Don’t Forget About the Bathroom

Use our guide to help maintain safety in the smallest room in your house.

There are certain things you can do, right in your bathroom, to help keep your home and family safe! Here are a few tips: 

Read the directions carefully for every product you use.

If you have children, or children that visit, make sure to place plastic covers in your electrical outlets.

And if you use electric air fresheners, place them in higher outlets, out of reach.
To help prevent electric shocks and electric fires install a ground fault circuit interrupter electrical outlet in bathrooms, or near any other water source. 

And though it's common sense of course, keep all small electrical appliances a safe distance from the sinks, bathtub and shower.

Importantly, keep all cleaning products out of reach of children, including bathroom cleaning products, air fresheners, and candles. Everything should be stored so that children simply can't get to it. 

Discard or recycle empty product safely, don't re-use. 

If anyone in your household comes in accidental contact with any cleaning product, call the Poison Control Center or your doctor immediately for treatment advice. If you feel it is an emergency, don't take chances. Call 911.

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