Decorate with Driftwood

Bring a bit of the beach indoors with our simple driftwood projects.

Start by gathering some pieces at your local beach or purchase it online. Then, follow our tips to create beautiful wreaths, frames, centrepieces and more. Plus, learn tips to care for driftwood.

Where to Find Driftwood

  • Scour local beaches, rivers or lake coves.
  • Find smaller pieces at stores that sell aquariums, as driftwood is used in fish tanks.
  • Several websites sell driftwood online.

How to Care for Driftwood

  • Clean it thoroughly by scrubbing with a scrub brush and water.
  • Boil it after any excess dirt or debris is removed. If it’s a larger piece, you may need to do this part in sections.
  • Sand, stain or paint it. This works especially well with larger pieces that can’t be boiled.

Driftwood Wreath
Welcome guests to your home by hanging a driftwood wreath on your front door.

  • Hot glue different sizes of driftwood to the outside of a wreath, creating a unique design.

Tip : Attach a thick ribbon in a contrasting colour around the top of the wreath to hang it on the door.

Beach Picture Frame
Hot glue small pieces around the outer edge of the frame, covering the outside and leaving the glass visible for your photo.

Relaxed Centrepiece
Make your dining room table beach chic anytime of the year. All you need is a long piece of driftwood, a drill and some pretty flowers.

  • Lay the driftwood flat and drill small holes along the longest part. Place real or faux flowers in the holes to complete the centrepiece.

Unique Key Ring Holder
Keep your family’s keys in order with this decorative idea.

  • Drill holes into the driftwood for each family member’s hooks. Screw them into the holes so they’re facing upwards.
  • Secure saw tooth hangers on the back and hang it on the wall.

Tip: Stain or paint the driftwood for a personalized touch.

Driftwood is a unique way to add a rustic, unique decorative touch to your home. What are some out-of-the-box ideas you’ve incorporated?


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