Bring on the Scent of Spring

Bring on the fresh scent of spring with these tips.

There’s something about that “beginning of spring” smell.

You know exactly which one we’re talking about – that clean, fresh scent that sends some sort of biological signal to your brain to trigger more energy, excitement and the urge to renew and revitalize your life.

To us, that smell is what defines spring. So this year, in addition to spring cleaning (grab that Swiffer), look into more meaningful ways to bring spring into your life and getting as much of those fresh, clean scents as possible.

The Original Air Freshener
Flowers – which aren’t just for special occasions – are great for boosting mood and filling your home with aromatic goodness and colour. If your nose is easily overwhelmed by air fresheners and such, flowers are the way to go with their softer, subtler scent.

Purify with Plants
Yes, they need a little care, but plants aren’t just for decoration. Peace lilies, palms and ferns are great at taking impurities out of the air and replacing them with pure, clean oxygen.

Soak up the Sun
Temperature plays a huge role in how we perceive scents. In fact, a lot of that classic spring aroma comes from the thawing soil we haven’t smelled in months. Try uncovering your windows and doors to let the sunlight in to warm your home.

Freshen up Fast
There’s really no easier way to shed winter odours for a fresh start that with Febreze. Spray some airy scents into linens, freshen the living room with a candle or spray literally everything in your teenager’s room when he’s not looking.

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Springtime scents are sure to shake the winter wearies from your home. What’s your favourite way to freshen up your home? Share your tips in the comments below!


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