Ways to Arrange Shelves

Ways to Arrange Shelves

Make shelves a style statement with these 11 easy, creative ideas.

Discover how to bring new life to shelves with our fun arrangement tips. Wrap the back with craft paper, use ribbon on the edges or find more simple ways to embellish shelving with our inspired ideas.

1. Paint the Inside of Bookcases
Paint the interior of a bookcase with bold colour like coral, aqua or charcoal. Add colourful objects that will pop against the rich background for a fresh look.

2. Line With Wrapping Paper

  • Measure the back wall of shelves and cut wrapping paper to fit.
  • Use double-sided tape to stick paper to back wall.

3. Turn the Back Wall Into a Bulletin Board
Change out the fabric to match the season and tack up inspiration and to-do lists:

  • Cut corkboard to fit the back wall.
  • Use a hot glue gun to cover corkboard with fabric.
  • Use fabric fastener dots to attach board to bookcase.

4. Show Off Beach Finds
Create a display with seaside style by filling glass apothecary jars with seashells, beach glass and other beachcombing treasures.

5. Embellish Shelf Edges With Colourful Ribbon
Add a custom look by lining the edges with ribbon. Choose ribbon that’s the same width as the shelf and attach with a hot glue gun.


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Tip: Use colourful paper crafting tape instead of ribbon for an instant embellishment.

6. Display Family Photos and Treasured Heirlooms
Tuck a few favourites in among books for a special way to keep the look stylish and clutter free.

7. Add a Monogram
Put a personal stamp on shelves with a monogram of your first or last name. Keep an eye out at flea markets for vintage letters, or create your own.

8. Add Storage and Texture With Boxes and Bins
Stay neat and stylish with storage containers that match your décor. Use woven baskets for a natural look, or add a pop of colour with bright fabric-covered containers.

9. Cover Books with Paper
Attach patterned scrapbook paper, wrapping paper or basic brown butcher paper to unify the look.

Tip: Write the name of each book on the covered spine to easily identify them, or use stickers for creative labeling.

10. Hang Artwork Directly on the Bookcase
Hang a framed picture on the center divider, about 1/3 of the way from the top for a unique way to display art.

11. Add Something 3D
Tuck in a unique vase, sculpture or tiny painting among the books for an unexpected surprise.

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