7 Easy Ways to Decorate a Patio

7 Easy Ways to Decorate a Patio

Turn your porch or patio into the most popular space in your home!

It’s easy to give a tired patio a makeover you’ll adore. Try one of these looks for your patio this spring and summer!

1. Add a bold colour. Choose one bright colour, such as aqua, tangerine or bright yellow, and strategically add bright splashes of it to the patio. Paint a door, chairs or side table in the accent colour, then add a bouquet of flowers to match.

2. Embellish with seaside accessories. Hang nautical flags, rope, stars or lanterns to tables or walls. Add red or navy striped cushions or rugs to play up the nautical theme.

3. Bring in comfortable seating. Make the patio the cosiest spot in the house by adding easy, do-it-yourself seating options. Add a hanging plank chair, pallet seat or make over a bench.

4. Add whimsy. Combine a few unexpected accents to make a big statement. Make a unique birdfeeder or birdbath to create a playful space.


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5. Transform it into a garden oasis. Add a plethora of potted plants, build a tiered planter, or create an interesting water fountain to bring in lush greenery.

Tip : Plant aromatic flower varieties like lilies, lilacs or verbena to create a beautiful butterfly garden.

6. Create a stargazer’s paradise. Add celestial-inspired touches like a framed star chart, starry painted pillows and star-shaped paper lighting.

7. Make some noise. Hide an all-weather speaker behind a table or chair, and play some tunes. Add a homemade wind chime for a more natural ambiance.

How do you make your patio stand out? Share your decorating tips in the comments below!

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