How to Use Red in Home Décor

How to Use Red in Home Décor

Discover how to use reds in your home décor with our decorating tips.

The new year is an ideal time to refresh the interior design of your home, and red is the perfect colour to give rooms a mini makeover.

To Begin
Bright, punchy and lavishly dramatic, this versatile colour comes in an array of shades to suit any palette and every season. Red is especially fitting around Valentine’s Day, lending a romantic blush to rooms. From a coat of paint to a piece of furniture or a window treatment, it’s fun to find the right red for your home.

Room-by-Room Tips
Keep in mind, red can pop or feel too hot. It adds energy but can also dominate. Sometimes less is more. The following guidelines will help you create the desired effect in different rooms, whether in cheerful cherry or striking scarlet.

Entry: Roll out the VIP grandeur with a welcoming red carpet.

Living Room: A red sofa or lacquer table livens up neutral tones.


  • Kids’ rooms love perky primary red with sky blue and happy yellow.
  • The master bedroom needs passion and texture: velvety drapes, a velour loveseat or a faux-suede headboard.
  • Guest rooms ask for a regal crimson coverlet or plush rug.

Den/Library: Deep red walls and bookshelves add cosiness to small spaces.

Kitchen: Restaurants use red to stimulate the appetite. Go with a major red appliance —an oven or range hood — and pair it with red cookware for a delicious look.

Dining Room: Chair frames or seat cushions in a jewel-like tone provide elegant ambiance and can highlight a piece of art.

Outdoors: Vivid red-striped patio furniture that matches the roses, geraniums or bougainvillea adds continental flair.

Compatible Styling
A touch of red is versatile with any design, though specific shades may be best suited to certain décors.

Contemporary: Bright poppy and apple red look modern.

Traditional: Deep, rich reds or classic vermillion work beautifully.

Country Casual: Soft blush, russet and brick fit tastefully. 

What to Paint Red
A coat of paint is an easy way to experiment with red in various settings. It grabs attention, so start with small ideas:


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  • An inviting red front door for a bold statement.
  • One red wall adds zip to a gallery of framed photos, mirrors and prints.
  • Window treatments or only a red valance over white sheers.
  • A comfortable red upholstered rocker or reading chair.

Do you have any tips for using red in home décor? Share them with the community in the comments section below!

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