Fresh Ideas to Give Your Home a Splash of Summer

Fresh Ideas to Give Your Home a Splash of Summer

Try these tips to get your interiors as sunny and warm as the weather is outside.

By: Kelly Lee-Creel

As temperatures climb and summer comes knocking on our doors, we begin to crave a change of scenery. Maybe it is everyone heading out on vacation or just the need to lighten up that has us in the mood for an outdoor-inspired makeover.


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These five fresh ideas will wake up your home with a splash of summer (and they don’t have to break the bank).

Go Gold
Take a cue from the sun’s golden rays and bring in some gold (or even brass) tones through pillows, trays or other home accents. Mixing metals is perfectly OK, but if you’re nervous about making the switch, you could try introducing a few new accessories into one room at a time.

Make it Pop
Now is the time for bright colors. Bringing in some bold colors fresh from the garden can instantly transform a room still in hibernation. (Think hot pink, emerald green, orange or even lime.) Do you have white walls? Try choosing a handful of colors inspired by the sunset, and hunt for cheap (and non-committal) accessories such as lamps, vases or throws.

Lemon Love
Yellow is the go-to happy color of the season and is available on lots of pillows and accessories. Too bold for your living room? Why not try introducing a little citrus yellow in the kitchen instead, where the fresh, energizing color looks perfectly at home? A bowl full of lemons, a cheery table setting or even a bunch of flowers are all temporary ways to try a color change.

Cool Off with Watery Tones
Beach-inspired hues such as sea green, mint and pale blue offer a soothing respite to the summer heat. If you’re using these colors on the wall, be smart and try several swatches first since pastel blues and greens can be tricky to get right. On pillows, artwork, and linens, they are more forgiving and can be fun to mix and match.

Bring Nature Inside — Literally
Pick a few flowers from your backyard (or buy a bouquet at a farmers market). If you are fortunate to live near a park or outdoor space, snap a few photos of the natural beauty around you. Can you sneak in a short walk on your lunch break to collect some leaves or take a few minutes to read on a park bench? All of the nature-inspired ideas above will make more of an impact if you are out there enjoying the real life version, too.

Kelly is a fabric and craft designer in Seattle and the author of “Handmade Hostess.” She is the founder of Ever Kelly, a popular craft blog where she posts projects and tutorials for a vibrant community of online crafters and parents.

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