DIY Raincoat Racks

DIY Raincoat Racks

Craft your own raincoat rack this spring with our suggestions and instructions.


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Need a place to hang up your spring raincoats? Instead of buying a normal coat rack from the store, spend some time crafting your own! That way, it’s sure to match your home’s décor and will easily be customizable to your exact liking.

Step 1: Choose Your Board
The board you choose will really set the stage for the type of coat rack you’re designing, and the sky’s the limit! Looking to go a little rustic? Use a piece of reclaimed wood or an old ladder. Are you a little more modern and contemporary? A sleek section of moulding is perfect.

Here are more options to consider:

A thick yardstick
Old window frame
Wood plank
Towel bar
Old door or framing
Small section of fence
Small section of moulding

Tip: Ignore the board completely and hang a few outdoor plant hangers inside your front door for a rustic touch to your home décor.

Tip: Check your local home improvement store to see their cabinet hardware and hook selection. Not finding what you like? Most craft and antique stores have unique options that can be used as hooks!

Step 2: Choose Your Hooks
Old doorknobs
Cabinet hardware
Door handles

Step 3: Assemble Your Coat Rack
If you’re using a board with hooks or knobs, simply drill and screw in your hardware through the back of the board. As a general rule, you’ll want to leave about 15 centimetres (6 inches) of space between each hook to fit the coats.

Tip: Find an old coat rack (or pot rack) at your local thrift store and give it a quick makeover! Simply switch out the knobs or give it a fresh coat of paint to make it your own.

Step 4: Hang Your Coat Rack
Find the perfect space in your mudroom or by the most active door and hang your new coat rack! There won’t be a whole lot of weight hanging from it, but to be safe, make sure you get at least one screw into a stud in the wall.

Tip: Don’t stop at the coat rack! Use our instructions to make a DIY pot rack too.

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I love the raincoat rack. I have all the pieces to make it but didn't have the idea. Thx p&g

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