DIY Ornament Wreath

DIY Ornament Wreath

Reuse leftover or old holiday ornaments by repurposing them into a new wreath.

By: Amanda Palmer

The weeks leading up to a holiday can be as fun as the big day itself, with decorating, crafts, party planning and anticipation. When you pull out your stash of traditional decorations, freshen them up with a simple project that will take your ornaments from blending in on your tree to shining on your front door.

The Basics

  • The wreath base can be a foam ring, an artificial pine needle wreath, a basic stick wreath, a box wire ring or even a wire clothes hanger. It depends on what kind of look you want.
  • Ornaments: varied size spheres work the best, but you can use other shapes as well. Expect to use anywhere between 50 and 100. You can take another route by using figure ornaments, like little snowmen, ice skates and reindeer.
  • Cut some length from old tinsel and reuse a gift-wrapping bow or ribbon to add some flare.
  • If you’re going to use tinsel, cover the foam or box wire ring with it first. Secure it with your hot glue gun. (This would be an excellent pairing for figurine ornaments.)

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Tip: Try your hand at making your own adorable ornaments from leftover light bulbs!


  1. Select a handful of ball ornaments and hot-glue them into the inside of the foam wreath. If using a box wire, stick, or pine needle wreath, tie each one on with an ornament hanger. Be sure the hook-end faces the back of the wreath. For the clothes hanger, simply unwind the wire and thread the ornaments on one by one. Don’t be afraid to load it up
  2. For wreaths using glue, adhere the next set of ornaments to the outside of the ring. You might want to add a dab of glue to the sides of each ornament for extra security
  3. Create a pattern of colours or sizes as you go and fill in the voids. This wreath will become thicker and more dimensional as it progresses
  4. Hang it! Use a big ribbon, Lucite wreath hanger or the hook on the clothes hanger to show it off

Tip: See some ways to store ornaments here.

These custom and classy wreaths can even go inside as a feature decoration over your mantel or framing your holiday dinner table. If you have extra ornaments, make another one and experiment with sizes. You’ll have a one-of-a-kind wreath within 20 minutes for less than $10, or even free! If you want more ornaments, hit up the dollar store. This project is so simple, it will be difficult to stop yourself after only one.

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