Design Styles: 5 Romantic Ideas

Design Styles: 5 Romantic Ideas

Use our five design ideas to add a touch of romance to your home décor.

By: Camille Simmons

Flowers are on the windowsill, there’s a canopy bed in the centre of the room and all the furniture is tufted. This is romantic décor — think Paris. Contrary to popular belief, bringing this gorgeous style into your home doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Use our five ideas to bring this style into your home.

1. Perfect Pastels
The key to creating a romantic décor scheme is using a soft colour palette. Light pink, baby blue, buttercream, mint, lavender, soft greys and different shades of white are all perfect choices for wall colour, rugs and furniture. Decorate with just one pastel paired with neutrals like cream and gold.

If you want more dimension, mix a few pastels, choosing one as the foundation and accenting it with complementary colours.

Tip: Find colour scheme inspiration from weddings you loved, bouquets or even French pastries. If you can’t repaint a whole room, try doing just an accent wall. If painting isn’t feasible, find a removable wallpaper or large piece of furniture in your favourite soft colour.

2. Plush Pillows and Throws
Comfort is so important for a romantic design. In a living room, bedroom or any nook space, add chairs and pillows of all sizes. Cover pillows with euro shams and add tufted throw pillows or round neck roll pillows to match your bedding. Toss a throw at the foot of the bed and on the sofa in the living room.

Tip: Faux fur, velvet, cashmere or any soft luxurious fabric will add a romantic touch to any space.

3. Patterns and Prints
Adding an elegant pattern is another accent perfect for this theme. Scrolls, lace, damask and floral patterns are all wonderful choices. You’ll create a noticeable difference in any room just by adding an area rug in a romantic pattern.


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Tip: Mixing patterns is welcome too! Tablecloths, curtains and bedding come in many options for patterns that will soften the different accents and bring everything together.

4. Lighting
Harsh lights won’t do in this type of décor — soft lighting is the way to go. Natural lighting is perfect. Keep blinds, curtains or shutters open during the day to bring in a warm glow. Add candles absolutely anywhere you please. You can never have too many! Flameless candles are a great alternative if safety is a concern.

Tip: When shopping for light bulbs, don’t purchase bright lighting with a blue tone. Go for the yellow-toned lights or soft, low-wattage bulbs.

5. The Little Details
Don’t underestimate the difference a few small touches can make. If you’re not able to make major overhauls to your furniture, walls or major décor pieces, any of these details will definitely help to romanticize your home:

  • Fresh or fake flowers are affordable and beautiful.
  • Add bouquets to your dining table, kitchen counter, nightstands and bookshelves.
  • Buy a bouquet from the market and divide the flowers into small vases you can place all over the house.
  • Add monogrammed pillows to your bed or sofa, towels in the bathroom or table linens.
  • Dishes, flatware and glasses with classic or floral patterns add a romantic touch to the dinner table.

Bring all these elements together for the ultimate romantic space. Don’t want to commit to a whole-room do over? Pull favourites like pillows and flowers to add a bit of personality without fully committing to the style. The best thing about romantic décor is its ability to blend with other styles!

Tip: Add a touch of the Mediterranean to your home décor with our decorating tips.

What’s your design style? Tell us in the comments below!

Camille is a Bay Area-based planning and decorating expert. She is the creator of Planning Pretty, a lifestyle site dedicated to sharing easy, affordable and pretty ideas for everyday living.

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