Design Styles: 5 Boho Chic Ideas

Design Styles: 5 Boho Chic Ideas

Nail down the boho chic décor style with our five simple decorating tips.

By: Grace Mitchell

Boho chic is a style developed from bohemian and hippie influences in the 1960s, and continues to be popular today. If you love the look in fashion and accessories, you can easily translate it to your home décor by using these five ideas.

1. Use Vintage Artwork
Browse local art, antique and thrift stores to find some vintage artwork to bring the boho chic style to your dwelling. Try to find paintings and prints in earth tones or bright colours, typically done in an abstract manner. A gallery wall of your findings can bring that eclectic vibe the boho style is known for.

2. Shag Pillows
Nothing speaks to the time period in which this style developed quite like shag. You can find shag pillows in a store, or DIY by creating a pair of pillows using a shag rug. Mix shag pillows with some decorative, patterned linen or cotton pillows for some texture appeal.

3. Flower Power
Houseplants show your love of green, but they can also help purify the air and ward off allergies. Hang a pair of plants on either side of the sofa for an easy way to incorporate boho style, or hang a large plant in a corner to fill up some empty space. Use natural materials like rope or thick twine to hang plants for that earthy look.


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4. The Right Patterns
If you love boho chic, do not be afraid of pattern. Choose patterns in bright or earthy tones to mix and match. Don’t forget to contrast flowy designs with geometric ones, and find a mixture that makes you happy. Boho chic is an eclectic mix of styles, so play with the patterns in pillows, draperies, bed linens and throws to get the look.

5. Light up the Room
There are tons of vintage lighting fixtures hiding in shops or garage sales just waiting to be found. Find a lamp base you like and customize it to match your décor by painting it with spray paint. Add a lampshade you love, and you have lighting that is uniquely yours.

Pendant and task lighting is also very important in the boho chic style. Choose shapes and designs that are a bit funky for that “acquired over time” look.

By mixing and matching colours, styles and pattern, you can achieve the boho chic style in your home. Incorporating old and new into your space will aid you in achieving a balance of style, but most importantly, filling it with items you love and speak to you will make for a happy place to dwell.

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What’s your favourite design style? Let us know in the comments below!

Grace Mitchell refines her own eclectic style while renovating her 1921 home in Texas, where she lives with her husband and four children. Follow along by reading her interior design/DIY blog, A Storied Style.

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