Decorating Basics: Polka Dots

Decorating Basics: Polka Dots

Discover simple, inspired ideas for decorating with a classic: polka dots.

When it comes to patterns, it’s hard to be more timeless than polka dots. Nowadays, polka dots are coming back on everything — so why not capitalize on the trend and put a new-age spin on a tradition?

Types of Polka Dots
If you’re committed to adding polka dots into your home décor, you have a few other steps to go through. As with any pattern, size, vibrancy and subtlety all play a big role in how loudly you want to make your statement.

  1. Large and colourful: Create a more casual, playful and funky feel with big, vibrant dots. They’re a terrific addition in children’s rooms.
  2. Small and wide-set: Bring a subtle, traditional feel to adult spaces with this style. Stay in classic neutrals like black, white, gray or beige to add visual interest without being too bold.
  3. Small and close-set: Avoid a dizzying effect by setting small polka dots close together so they read more like a solid when seen from far away.
  4. Asymmetrical: Incorporate dots that aren’t perfect circles to create a more organic, natural look. Hand drawn or painted dots bring in the pattern without feeling too juvenile.

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Polka Dot Inspiration
Virtually anything in the house can get polka dots added to it. Check out some of these quick, easy suggestions:

  1. Add some polka dot throw pillows: Changing out pillows isn’t a huge commitment, but will make a big impact in a room.
  2. Use a polka dot rug: Small dots on rugs add interest to a space but will prevent the room from looking too busy. Use unsymmetrical dots for a less structured look.
  3. Stencil polka dots on walls: Paint polka dots two shades lighter or darker than the wall color and alternate in a fun mural pattern.
  4. Bring in polka dot accessories. Find polka dot vases, hand towels, dinnerware, candleholders and picture frames to add flair in small bursts and not overwhelm the space.

No matter where and how noticeable they are, polka dots add flair to objects in your home. Let us know if you’ve incorporated polka dots into your décor!

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