Decorate with Old Windows

Decorate with Old Windows

Read on to find eight unique ways to incorporate windows into your home décor.

Easily transform old windows — found on the cheap at garage sales and flea markets — into creative décor for any room in the house. Use simple materials like fabric, chalkboard paint and our creative ideas to get inspired.

1. Make a Quick Photo Display
Prop up an old window or hang it on the wall. Use colourful paper craft tape to attach photos and postcards to the glass panes.

2. Organize With Chalkboard Paint
Brush a coat of chalkboard paint onto the panes and let it dry. Hang in the kitchen to keep grocery lists easily accessible, or in the dining room to write the nightly menu.

3. Create a Unique Headboard
Use a big window without glass as a headboard. Prop up the window behind your mattress, or attach it directly to the wall.

4. Make a Message Board
Hang an old window on the wall in the entryway or mudroom as a one-of-a-kind message board.

  • Glue clothespins to the window frame clip on notices or pictures.
  • Hang twine between two nails on either side of the frame. Attach messages along the twine with clothespins.

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5. Cover Up a Non-Working Fireplace
Use an old window the same size as your fireplace to cover the firebox. Paint it to match your décor, or leave the chipped paint for a rustic look.

6. Line it With Fabric
Give a vintage window a fresh look by lining it with fabric. Try subtle ticking stripes for a classic look, or go bold with a geometric or floral print.

7. Make a Hanging Pot Rack
Spruce up your kitchen with this surprisingly easy weekend project.

  • Choose a multi-paned window with the glass removed.
  • Hang it from your kitchen ceiling using eyehooks and a chain with clasps from the hardware store.
  • Use hooks to hang pots and pans from the crosspieces.

8. Decorate Your Mantel
Prop up an old window on the mantel top and change out accessories seasonally for a versatile display.

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