Pops of Pigment: Colourful Ideas to Transform Your Space

Pops of Pigment: Colourful Ideas to Transform Your Space

Skip the paint can and try these 7 easy ideas for incorporating some colour into your space.

In the dead of winter, whether you live where it snows or not, we all crave a little pick-me-up. Maybe we don’t always look to our home surroundings to give us the lift that we need, but we absolutely can. Shifting our thoughts or perspectives where we live can go a long way to a new attitude or mood.

So, how can we start? How about adding some colour to your life? The best part: You don’t even need to get out the paint swatches. No accent wall needed (but do break out the paint cans and roller brushes if that’s what you’re feeling). Here are some easy, effective ways to redecorate a space that won’t take all day (or drain your wallet).

If you want to change the look of a room, try incorporating splashes of colour in the following ways.

Tip: These ideas also work well for people who rent or otherwise can’t paint the walls.

1. Go with Throws
Dark room or light room, add bright-coloured throw pillows or blankets to accent your furniture. This small change can transform your room.

2. Window of Opportunity
Window treatments act as the eyebrows of a room. You’ve probably noticed that many window treatments are available in uninspiring colours. But it’s worth looking for those brighter colours and textures for the maximum effect. If you have window treatments, spice things up by changing them out with something a little different.

3. Flower Power
Add a pop of colour with flowers. This easy approach will infuse a little freshness and a dash of colour into your space. Simply group your favourite spring flowers or scatter single stems in bud vases around the room.


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4. Artwork Works
Whether you buy it from a retail store or it’s a collage of your child’s drawings, artwork adds something special to a room. Pick a piece that showcases intense colours, but also works well with the existing concept or colour palette.

5. Shelve it
Bookshelves aren’t just for books. Incorporate some freestanding bookshelves and use them to display a colourful collection of pottery, figurines or glassware.

6. Rug Switcheroo
If you’ve always had the same area rugs, now is the time to switch it up! Replace those worn rugs with newer ones in vivid patterns. Or swap them out! Also, try affixing a colourful rug on your wall to serve as a stunning tapestry.

7. Slipcover by Season
Buy a couch slipcover for every season and change it out as desired. Try light, airy colours such as light blue, yellow, white, or green for the spring and summer months and deep, rich colours such as purple, gold, red or navy for autumn and winter. You can also try the same with duvet covers for your bedroom.

So Many. Possibilities.

Do you have a way to add colour without paint? Share your ideas with the community in the comments below!

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