5 Ways to Update Cabinets Without Painting Them

5 Ways to Update Cabinets Without Painting Them

Use our 5 simple ideas to transform your basic cabinet hardware into something beautiful.


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By: Emily Lapkin

Embellishing your existing cabinet knobs and pulls is one of the fastest (and least expensive) ways to give your room a new look.

Interior designers think of pulls and knobs as the jewellery of a room. In the same way that changing accessories can give an outfit a whole new look, updating cabinet hardware can give a kitchen, bath or freestanding furniture an updated appearance.

Getting Started
Remove your knobs or pulls, carefully set the screws aside in a safe place and bring them to a well-protected work area.

Tip: Use a few sheets of sturdy cardboard to poke knobs through, so you can easily decorate the top surface without dirtying the screw or backing.

Here are just some of the different materials you could use to freshen up your old cabinet hardware. 

1. Paint
Painting cabinet knobs is a quick-and-easy way to transform their look. Be sure to use the right kind of paint for the job, which will vary depending on what your knobs are made of (paint or hardware store staff can steer you in the right direction).

Try a bold colour to draw more attention to the knobs, or paint them the same colour as the cabinet fronts if you want them to blend in. 

2. Gold or Silver Leaf
Silver knobs have been popular for decades, but people are suddenly warming up to brass and gold tones again. If you want to test the look of another metal without investing in dozens of new knobs, you can leaf the ones you have — or coat them with metallic paint. 

3. Leather
Leather adds a rustic touch to knobs or pulls — it’s also rugged and durable. Just wrap a thin piece of leather around the centre of a pull or handle and secure with hot glue. This is a great way to recycle jackets, purses or other leather scraps. 

4. Rope
Just like leather, rope (or cord, or raffia) can wrap around knobs or pulls and get secured with hot glue. Rope lends a crisp nautical look or has a rustic touch depending on the colour and thickness of the cord. 

5. Washi Tape
This Japanese decorative tape sensation brought tape from behind-the-scenes-only use and out into the open. Either wrap your existing hardware in it, make whimsical stripes, or cut out adorable little details and stick them on.

Do you have a quick way to spruce up your cabinet hardware? Log in or register and share your ideas in the comments section below!

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