5 Last-minute Holiday Centrepieces

5 Last-minute Holiday Centrepieces

Cut out some holiday stress by throwing together one of our 5 holiday centrepieces.


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By: Shelly Reese

If you’re like me, by the time dinner rolls around during the holidays, you’re behind schedule, over-budget and completely exhausted — all of which means the likelihood of either buying or assembling an elaborate holiday centrepiece is pretty much nil.

Fortunately, because the rest of the house is already decorated to the hilt, I’ve found I don’t need to go overboard on table decorations during the holidays. In fact — because the meal is really about food and family — I’ve found simpler decorations often work better.

Here are some low-cost, last-minute ideas that require minimal effort and make a great alternative to expensive floral arrangements:

1. Break out the Glassware
Glasses make great centrepieces because they are so versatile and can be filled with just a stem or two.
Try floating single blossoms, such as red gerbera daisies, in an oval glass or place individual evergreen sprigs in flutes and run them in a line down the centre of your table for understated elegance.
Try an oversized hurricane glass with candles and cranberries.
Turn stemmed glasses upside down over sprigs of holly and place tea candles on the glasses’ upturned bases.

2. Fill a French Bread Basket
The long, narrow bread baskets and wooden bowls used to serve French bread make great centrepieces because they’re low and don’t take up too much real estate. Fill one with festive greens, votive electronic candles in glass holders, pinecones and red apples and call it a day.

3. Don’t Forget the Twinkle
Holiday decorations don’t have to be expensive to sparkle. Fill a glass bowl or bucket with glass ornaments.

4. Make a Candy Cane “Vase”
Dress up an inexpensive grocery store poinsettia! Simply put a rubber band around the cylindrical pot and insert candy canes into the band. Pack them tightly with the crooks facing outward. Surround the entire vase. Finish your project by covering the rubber band with a holiday ribbon.

Tip: If your container has a drainage hole in the bottom, be sure to protect your table by putting a plate or dish underneath it.

5. Explore Your Backyard
Even in the dead of winter it’s easy to turn a few unexceptional flowers into a full and festive bouquet by raiding your backyard. Boxwoods, holly and pinecones are a great way to extend an inexpensive bouquet. (Be sure to wear gloves when cutting holly.)

No matter how you decide to decorate your table, remember to keep your centrepiece low, so you everyone at the table can see each other. After all, that’s what the meal is all about.

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