5 Home Décor Tips to Bring Natural Light into Your Home

5 Home Décor Tips to Bring Natural Light into Your Home

Bring in more sunlight into your house with these budget-friendly tips.

By: Bryn Dunn

You hear it often on real estate shows: “Look at all this natural light!” It’s no secret that natural sunlight is desirable in a home. A sunny room makes a space feel cozy and warm. Studies also show natural light positively affects mood. It’s OK if you don’t have light streaming through each of your rooms — here are some décor tips to help enhance the light you do have!

Install A Skylight
Skylights dramatically bring in more natural light to a space. There are many different skylight options for a wide range of budgets. One popular option is a “sun tunnel,” which takes up less surface area and is often an easier and more budget-friendly installation. Hiring a professional to install your skylight is always recommended to ensure there won’t be any leaks during a storm.

Add A Large Mirror
Mirrors are an easy and budget friendly solution to increase natural light in a room. If one of your walls has windows but the others don’t, hang a large mirror on the wall facing your windows. The mirror will double the amount of light in the room!


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Paint The Walls
Dark walls absorb natural light. If your room is feeling too dark, paint the walls a light shade, particularly one that mimics sunlight. White or cream paint colors work really well to lighten a space. Just make sure there isn’t too much yellow in the cream paint color you choose. Yellow in a dark room can often feel dingy. Also, use a shinier, satin paint finish instead of flat — this will help reflect natural light.

Install Bamboo Shades or Drapery Sheers
Many window treatments such as curtains and blinds don’t allow much light in when closed. Bamboo shades and drapery sheers are two window treatment options that allow light to pass through while also providing privacy. A considerable amount of light passes through the woven natural material of bamboo shades. Bamboo shades are often budget friendly and can be purchased at your local hardware store. If you desire a more formal look, drapery sheers also allow natural light to stream through your windows, even when closed. They are especially beautiful when custom made and pleated.

Supplement Natural Light with Natural Light-Simulating Light Bulbs
If your space still feels a bit dark, the addition of natural light-simulating bulbs can help increase the amount of light you already get in a space. There are many natural light-simulating options on the market, and you can often find them in any light bulb aisle. Replace all of the light bulbs in your room with the new light bulbs, and turn the lamps on during the day when the room is in use. It’s a great way to brighten dark corners of your room that don’t have any windows.

After leaving her day job in 2010 to pursue her lifelong dream of decorating full time, Bryn founded Bryn Alexandra Interiors. She currently decorates homes in Charlotte, N.C., where she lives with her husband, Matt, and writes about her life and love of interior design on her blog, Bryn Alexandra.

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