5 Fireplace Décor Ideas

5 Fireplace Décor Ideas

Freshen up the look of your fireplace with these five easy and inspiring ideas.

Fireplaces are natural focal points. Because of their size and stature, they can easily draw the attention of any guest who walks into the room. Freshen up the look of your fireplace with these five easy and inspiring ideas.

1. Expand the Mantel
Make a skinny mantel more useful by adding extra shelf space. Visit your local home improvement store and ask the experts to recommend the best expansion method for your fireplace.

2. Cover Creatively
When it’s not in use, let your fireplace function as décor. Start with an inexpensive wood panel and some paint. For an aged, antique look, use a simple crackling technique with a crackling medium. Decorate to your liking and use it as a cover.


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3. Beautify the Space
Adorn the walls above and around your fireplace with art. Try one big and bold piece, like a handcrafted mosaic, or hang an abstract cluster of plates. Then create ambiance by lining the mantel with scented candles.

4. Hang Garlands
Decorate your fireplace for the seasons by hanging garlands across the mantel. For fall, string together paper leaves. During the winter holidays, line the mantel with festive strands of cranberries.

5. Create Purpose
While fireplaces in old homes may not be functional, that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful. Fill your fireplace with charming potted plants or flower arrangements. You can also use the open area to store magazines and big coffee table books.

Do you have a go-to decoration for your fireplace? Share it in the comments section below!

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