4 Ways to Refresh a Nook

4 Ways to Refresh a Nook

Use these tips to create a relaxing corner of your house that’s just for you.

Think about all the things you want to do to your house. Add a solarium? Finish up the basement? How about remodel a nook?

While it might seem like an unassuming corner of your place, the nooks of your house can really showcase your personal style and give you a personal spot just for you — and not break the bank account.

1. Relaxation Nook
Turn a small area with a window view into a serene spot where you can relax and reboot. Top a window seat or armchair with lots of comfy pillows in colours that speak to you, and then add fragrant candles and a stereo system for listening to soothing music or yoga instruction.

Tip: Enhance the look of your meditation area by hanging window treatments.


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2. Book Nook
Mount deep-set shelves or move a small bookcase into your corner to create an instant book nook. Be sure to include a cosy armchair and spot lighting so you can curl up with a good read. Get a small side table — just enough room for a snack and a cup of coffee or tea and nothing else (That means no cell phone!).

3. Office Nook
You don’t need an entire room to create a personal office — a desk, a few creative organizers and soft task lighting can come together as a beautiful, functional workspace. If you don’t have a nook large enough for a desk, consider converting your closet!

4. Vanity Nook
Create an area that’s perfect for stowing jewellery, applying makeup and more. If you’re adding paint or wallpaper, choose a pink tint that will complement your skin. Store necessities like cotton balls in glass jars or decorative dishes. You can even add a small corkboard to display fashion images or inspiring quotations.

No matter what type of nook you create, just remember: It’s supposed to be your own little corner of serenity in the house. Sure, your kids might wander in there every now and then, but it might be worth explaining that Mom is not to be bothered when she’s in her personal nook!

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