Cosy up Your Home for Fall

Bring the festive fall spirit with some easy home décor ideas, inside and out.

The chaos of summer and the start of school have likely left your home just as chaotic. While you’re surely happy for the memories, you’re also in the right mindset to get back into a routine and make your home yours again.

Falling for Fall

Fall is the calm before the winter storm, right? It’s the season when we’re most excited to do a little decorating – do something a little different before the lights and trees come out. Think plates, gourds and pumpkins, of course. Go for easy décor that looks like you spent a week pulling it together.

Harness your festive self this fall and bring a little something special to the look and feel of your home.

1. Harvest?Hurrah
Show off the gorgeous, deep colours of fall using exposed harvest corncobs.

  • Select a short, clear glass vase – a shallow cylindrical or rectangle-shaped one is ideal
  • Pour 5-7.5 centimetres (2-3 inches) of un-popped popcorn or dried corn in the bottom
  • Group harvest corn with stalks pulled back, kernel-end-down in the loose corn

2. Be Bounty-ful
Use our creative projects to decorate your home with nine simple, natural uses for pinecones.

3. Fresh & Floral
Keep it simple and place autumn flowers around your house and or in centrepieces to liven up your space.

Containing Fall-iday Décor
With all the upcoming holidays, it’s going to seem like you’re redecorating every week. Switching it up means you throw all of the fall wreaths, swags and napkins into a storage bin until you dig it out next year. So there are two things to consider:

One, if you keep your décor generic enough, you can probably get away with keeping it up a little longer.

But two, if you don’t excel in décor organization, this is the year! When you do put away those decorations, label the containers by season or holiday. It will be a lot easier to spot it next year in whatever black hole – garage, basement, attic – you end up throwing it in.

In principle, it’s easy. In practice, it’s hard. But try to take the extra steps now so the future you can avoid a little frustration next year.

For more ideas for all things fall, visit our Pinterest Page.



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