6 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas that Aren’t a Jack-o’-lantern

Celebrate the Halloween season with these 6 not-so-average pumpkin decorating ideas.

Some people have a soft spot in their hearts for the traditional jack-o’-lantern, but sometimes a little change can breathe new life into old tradition. Try some of these easy décor tips to make your pumpkins stand out from the crowd this season!

1. Chalk it up
Cover your pumpkin in chalkboard paint! You can write a spooky saying or even use it as table décor for showcasing the evening’s menu.

Tip: Whether you’re cleaning up pumpkin “guts” or messy paint, Bounty paper towels will help make cleanup time a breeze!

2. Sparkle and Shine
Grab some glue, your favourite glitter or sequins and make your pumpkin shine! You can sprinkle glitter all over, just on the stem or even in a patterned design, like chevron or polka dots.

3. Tic-Tack-Toe
Take some of those colourful thumbtacks lying around the house and put them to good use. Don’t have thumbtacks? Regular nails and sewing pins will work too! You can draw out a fun design or message in pencil first, then push tacks in along the outline.

Depending on how thick your pumpkin is, you may need a hammer to tap the thumbtacks into place.

4. Monograms Galore
Buy or print out a stencil of the first letter of your family’s last name and monogram it! You can use acrylic paint, permanent marker or outline the initial with glue and throw on some glitter.

5. Pumpkin Vase
Put your fall foliage on display in a fun, unique way by throwing them into a pumpkin! Simply hollow out the middle and add your favourite flower arrangement.

6. Minimalist Approach
Short on time? No problem! There are many kinds of pumpkins with distinctive colours to make them stand out on their own, no decorating required.

Jarrahdale pumpkins are eye-catching and unusual – a bluish-gray coloured pumpkin that originated in New Zealand. Bonus: they have a long storage life, so they may even last until your Thanksgiving festivities!

Ghost pumpkins, also known as Luminas or Caspers, have a naturally white outer skin (perfect for painting) but are a pale orange inside, allowing them to give off a lovely glow when carved.

Do you do anything unique with your pumpkins? Let us know in the comments section below!



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