6 Easy Acorn Accents

Use natural materials to create six simple accents both festive and fun.

Acorns are abounding from August to December, and with a little bit of work, not only are they an adorable addition to any home, their appeal extends well beyond the harvest season. Start with these acorn basics and then discover six darling accent ideas, all of which make great gifts, too.

Acorn Basics
Keep these tips in mind before you start collecting and crafting. If you’re looking to save time, find dried or wood acorns at your local craft store or online.

Look for solid, blemish-free acorns in your own backyard or take a hike and gather them off the ground. Be sure not to pick any off trees in public parks!

Toss any acorns with signs of insect damage, like holes. Dry the rest just in case. Spread in a single layer on a baking sheet and freeze for 48 hours, then dry in a 120 C (250 F) oven for an hour, checking and tossing often to prevent burning.

Left natural, acorns are beautifully rustic. Enhance their natural glow by buffing them with brown shoe polish.

Brush acorns with acrylic paint and coat the entire acorn (or just the nut or cap). Try a few different looks to accent your design style! Metallic-capped nuts have rustic sparkle, while all-white acorns offer wintry charm.

Make acorns even cuter by gluing the caps to fuzzy felt beads or craft paper balls. Try glamming them up by spraying with adhesive and dipping in fine glitter.

Once you’re finished decorating the acorns themselves, it’s time to make something truly special. Celebrate the season with these simple acorn-themed projects.

  1. Wreath: Create a festive wreath by hot gluing whole acorns to an entire foam or hay wreath form, or dot an evergreen branch with them. For a sleeker look, remove the caps and glue all the nuts on in the same direction
  2. Garland: Thread yarn with a sharp sewing needle, then pierce it through felt acorns one at a time until the strand reaches your desired length. It’s delightful draped across a mantel or woven into a tablescape.
  3. Frames: Hot glue acorn caps to a plain frame and slip in your favourite photo. Acorns themselves are art, too! Hot glue a single embellished or plain acorn or rows of them to cardstock, then frame.
  4. Place cards: Tie or hot glue nametags to individual felt acorns or a cluster of them for darling place cards that double as favours.  
  5. Magnets: Simply hot glue magnets inside the caps so they’re flush with the edge, or attach the caps to pushpins instead. Sets of acorn magnets and pushpins are great gifts for teachers, co-workers, kids and nature lovers.
  6. Centrepieces: For a vibrant table display, fill glass vases or jars of varying sizes with acorns painted with bright, high-gloss hues.

Do you have any fun crafts we didn’t cover? Let us know in the comments section below!



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