6 Creative Chair Decorations

Adorn your dining room chairs with beautiful décor with these creative ideas.

Go beyond the typical with chair decorations that show off your creativity without taking a lot of time or money to make. Whether you’re entertaining for the holidays or sitting down to family dinner, we’ve got ideas for every style and occasion.

They’re dazzling as holiday décor, but these chair adornments also add cheer to the table year-round. Tailor them to any season and any occasion.

1. Pennant Garlands
Cut party pennants from cardstock or fabric in bright, seasonal colours and string together as garlands, but don’t stop there. Spell out guests’ names, one letter per pennant, and suddenly they’re not just decorations, they’re also place cards and favours. For a softer, fuller look, drape fabric garlands across the backs of chairs.

2. Pinecone Clusters
For rustic, nature-inspired adornments, hot glue wide ribbon to the tops of pinecones. Dangle single strands from the backs of chairs, or knot ribbons together at the top to create charming bunches.

3. Fabric Chair Covers
Cover chairs in festive fabric to add seasonal flair to chairs, plus protect the backs from nicks and scratches. No sewing machine? Attach the sides with iron-on fusible tape instead. Paint your own fabric for truly unique displays!

4. Personalized Ornaments
For sparkling decorations on a dime, fill clear plastic ball ornaments with festive, lightweight materials like tinsel, faux berry sprigs, paper curls, white feathers and plastic pearls. Tie ribbon to the ornament hooks, and then hang at varying heights along the backs of chairs.

5. Greeting Card Displays
Surround the table in holiday joy with garlands or wreaths made from this year’s tidings from loved ones.

6. Herb Wreaths
These are accents family and friends can take home, and all it requires is wrapping fresh or dried herbs around a wreath form. Elegantly tie to the tops of chair backs with silky ivory ribbon, or opt for strips of rustic burlap.

For the holidays, showcase the flavours of the season with thyme, sage, and rosemary herb wreaths, and weave in lavender for a bit of soft, comforting colour.



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