5 Summer Décor Trends

Bring summer into your home with these 5 simple décor ideas.

Your home’s interior can be just as sunny as the scenery outside your window – all it takes is a few easy, budget-friendly updates. Start with these five trends, and then put your own spin on them. Suddenly, your space will be brimming with personalized summer style!

1. Beachcomber Motif
Decorate with three simple, ocean-inspired accents, and every day can feel like a carefree afternoon at the beach. It’s a timeless look for bathrooms, plus lends a sense of calm to hectic summer hotspots like the entryway, laundry room and living room. Want to bring the smell of the beach inside? Try Febreze Small Spaces air freshener in Bora Bora and be instantly transported to the tropics.

2. Bright Colours
Bring the fresh, fun-loving vibe of summer to any space with bold hues like tangerine, lime, hot pink and electric blue. Indoors, a little goes a long way: an accent pillow, side table or lamp adds just enough oomph. But outdoors, the lush landscape helps tame the brightness, so bigger splashes – think porch furniture and flowerpots – are easier to pull off. Need to scrub some of that porch furniture before it gets a makeover? Try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Durable to eliminate any scuffs or dirt on metal.

Tip: Ease into bright hues with coloured glassware; the translucent finish of the glass makes a quieter statement, plus catches the gorgeous summer light.

3. Globetrotting
Let your favourite travels and faraway places shape your décor. Pull inspiration from one destination or culture (like a bustling Moroccan market) or combine looks from around the globe to set an eclectic, exotic scene that’s just right for summer. For instance, pair teak wood with tropical plants and gilded vases.

Tip: Save maps from summer road trips and vacations to use as décor later.

4. Pattern Mixing
Take a cue from summer’s sprightly personality and get playful with patterns. For combinations that harmonize rather than clash, start with a basic two-tone pattern, like stripes or polka dots, and then add prints that share at least one of the same hues. Beyond that, any pattern goes: floral, geometric, animal, ikat (a patterned dyeing technique), tribal, gingham and faux bois (patterns that imitate the look of wood), to name a few. Want to freshen up fabrics you already have? Wash them in Tide Purclean liquid laundry detergent for a natural clean.

5. Ombre
French for “shading,” ombre is just that: A single colour that gradually goes from light to dark, typically on fabric. Get the look for less with our modern tie-dye technique: It’s the perfect way to brighten plain curtains or a duvet cover for the season. Or, give everything from furniture to organizers an ombre effect with a quick dip in paint.

Tip: Ombre and bright colour go hand-in-hand. The former is monochromatic by nature, giving the latter a sophisticated edge.

Set your own trend! How are you decorating your home for summer?



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