5 Rain Boot Decorations

Don’t throw out those old rain boots! Turn them into one of these 5 adorable ideas instead.

By: Amanda Palmer

Instead of tossing old rain boots, even if they’ve been outgrown or are falling apart, consider reusing them as decoration — inside! These boots are designed to lock out moisture and durable enough to hold their shape. Most come in cheerful colours that will add a pop of spring to any home.

1. Planter
Pour some sand or soil into the bottom of the boot for weight. Insert a tall glass or plastic vase into each boot and add silk or fresh flowers. Thoughtfully add small branches from your yard for a more whimsical look.

Outside: Poke a few holes in the bottom of the boot and fill with earth and potting soil. Plant one or two nursery flowers at the top, with about a centimetre of space from the soil line to the top of the boot. Set these right next to your front door for a bright welcome. 

2. Hanging Plant
Like a hanging basket plant, tie the two boots together using the straps or poke small holes on either side of each boot. Put foam blocks inside of the boots. Use a cottage cheese container or the like to fill with dirt and herb plants. Hang boots together at eye level in the kitchen corner. 

3. Wreath Replacement
Wrap one boot with a wide ribbon or burlap and tie with a bow. Tuck a full bouquet of silk flowers into the boot. If the boot has a strap on the top, use that to hang it up on the door. If not, poke two small holes on either side of the boot’s top. String a second piece of the ribbon through the holes and knot together. 

4. Frame Holder
Cut a 1 1/2-centimetre (1/2-inch) slit across the boot where the top of the foot would be. Cut it wide enough that it reaches down to the beginning of the sole. You can cut it at a diagonal for a different kind of look. Place a photo frame inside of the slit and let it lean back against the leg of the boot. 

5. Book Ends
Fill the boots with a closed bag of gravel or sand for weight. Roll up magazines and old newspapers to stuff inside, poking out at different levels. Use rubber bands or zip ties to keep them rolled. Add spray paint or a wide ribbon to match the room. Set on a bookshelf either together or staggered for balance.

There's no wrong way to get creative. Try these ideas or let them inspire new ones!


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