5 Holiday Greeting Card Display Ideas

Proudly display holiday greeting cards in our five creative ways.

If you find yourself with a wealth of greeting cards from all your friends and relatives, don’t let them stack up! Displaying them with some creativity gives you a way to deck your halls with style and sentiment.

1. Portable Ribbon Hanger
Cut strips of ribbon (about 5 centimetres/2 inches wide) to the length you desire, fold one end of each ribbon over a hanger’s lower bar and glue it in place. Next, use clothespins, paperclips or binder clips to attach your cards. Hang the display for all to see on doors, over windows or wherever it fits best!

2. Holiday Garland

Punch a hole in the corner of each card, and then string your cards into a garland with ribbon, twine or yarn. Display the garland across a window or mantel, along a banister or above an entryway table. Wrapping twinkle lights around the garland adds extra holiday style.

3. Repurposed Shutter
Mount an old shutter to a wall and tuck your cards in between the slats. Not only is this approach fantastic for the holidays — you can use it year-round to organize bills, coupons, invitations and other mail.

4. Card Wreath
Glue cards along foam wreath forms or simply clip cards around the wreath with clothespins or binder clips. Consider covering the base of your wreath (and even the top of the clothespins) with a festive-patterned paper and then spice things up with accents like a holiday bow.

5. Holiday Card Tree
Set branches in a vase, holding them in place with pebbles, marbles, acorns or pinecones. Once the faux tree is made, punch holes in the cards, tie a ribbon through each hole to form a loop and then hang your greetings from the branches.

What’s your favourite way to display greeting cards from family and friends? Tell us below!



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