5 Festive Winter Window Displays

Create beautiful holiday window decorations with these five inspiring ideas.

By: Erin Spain

Looking for the perfect finishing touch to complete your holiday home? Create beautiful window displays this season without spending a lot of your time or money. Draw your inspiration from these five festive, winter window ideas.

1. Glittery Stars & Snowflakes
Draw stars on a piece of paper and place under wax paper. Trace and fill in the stars with white school glue. While the glue is still wet, place the end of a piece of string at the tip of each snowflake. Sprinkle them with glitter and let them dry overnight. After they dry, hang the sparkly decorations in your windows.

2. Festive Pennant Banner
Use twine and pennants made from fabric or patterned scrapbook paper to spell out a festive message. Simply punch holes in the corners of the pennants and thread the twine through. Glue wooden letters onto each pennant to create your message, or cut out vinyl or paper letters. This winter window display can be customized with any wording you choose. With the message facing outward, hang the banner on the inside of the window.

3. Snowflake Garland
Cut out several paper snowflakes (white cardstock works great and is less flimsy). Coat them lightly with glue and sprinkle them with glitter. After the snowflakes have dried, use ribbon, twine or fishing line to turn them into a pretty garland. This holiday window decoration is a great activity to do with kids!

4. Homemade Wreaths
Hot glue ornaments, glittery pinecones or artificial poinsettia flowers onto store-bought grapevine wreaths and adorn them with beautiful ribbons. Then use suction cup hooks or adhesive hanging strips to hang them on the outside of each window of your home (or at least the windows that face the street).

5. Dangling Ornaments
Cut several strips of ribbon, varying their lengths. Tie glass ball ornaments to the ends and hang them vertically in the window, spacing them a few centimetres apart. The more ornaments you hang in this holiday window display, the greater the impact will be.

Erin is a mom and a lover of all things crafty and DIY. She blogs at DIYOntheCheap.com, where she shares frugal decorating ideas and creative projects for the home.


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