4 Ways to Transition Spring Back into Your Home

4 Ways to Transition Spring Back into Your Home

Say farewell to winter and hello to warmer weather with our 4 simple tips and ideas.

By: Melissa A. Kay

Create a fresh environment indoors and make just as big of an impact as the rising temperatures and longer days you’ll start to notice outside. Take a cue from Mother Nature and create a lighter, brighter and breezier look and feel for your home for spring!

1. Bye Bye to Big Blankets
As the weather warms up, there is no longer a need for heavy quilts and blankets. Go for lighter weights and colours to match the mood of the coming season.

  • Lightweight bedspreads make for a comfy night’s sleep with the windows slightly cracked open.
  • Move away from those dark winter colours and opt for spring-like shades of pastel.
  • If you decorate your sofas and chairs with throw blankets, swap those out for thinner ones with floral patterns to match the mood of the sunshiny spring.

Your home will feel lighter and you won’t be too bundled up in unnecessary thick covers. These small changes will give each room a noticeable flair for spring.

2. Let the Sun Shine in
Spring’s natural light can brighten your entire home if you allow the sun to shine though.

  • Replace any heavy curtains and window dressings with lighter fabrics for the spring.
  • Sleek blinds are more suitable as spring rolls in, allowing you to open them to take in the blossoming outdoors.

3. Bring Nature Indoors
Now’s the time to appreciate the beauty of the season by decorating with bright plants and flowers! Plants and flowers add a personal touch to any room and make the change of season come to life inside your home.

  • If you have a garden, you can pick your very own flowers, or head to a local greenhouse or florist for inexpensive selections.
  • Jazz up the dining room table with a lovely arrangement in the centre. Place small vases on end tables and bedside tables.
  • Even shelves can be used for small plants.

4. Take a Whiff of Springtime
Those familiar winter scents of pine, cinnamon and chestnuts just don’t feel right for spring.

  • Buy some scented candles in fresh springy scents.
  • Wash your clothing and bedding in April-fresh scents and use air fresheners in crisp scents to co-mingle with your new candles.

Swap out your ordinary soaps with decorative ones for guests and change up your body wash and perfumes to something a little lighter.


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