4 Candle Decorating Ideas

Adorn glass candle coverings with our four creative decorations this holiday season.

By: Elizabeth Elliot

When decorating with candles, it’s best to use simple, white pillar candles protected by glass covers. For a more festive look, add red, green and gold candles. Work in a few decorative elements to elevate candles into fresh, new décor for your mantel or centrepiece.

Tip: You can use flameless LED candles instead or wax ones to avoid purchasing glass covers for your candles.

1. Rustic Leaf Pattern
For a simple look, gather natural materials from outside. Use them as the base for a minimal holiday centrepiece or to brighten another bare surface like a desk or side table.

3 pillar candles
3 coloured leaves


  1. Wrap twine around candle 2-3 times, layering the leaf between the twine
  2. Tie the twine in a knot to snugly secure the leaf and trim the ends

Tip: Use the same process above but change up the materials to create beautiful candles all year. Try using ribbon, rope, twigs, sprigs of evergreen or even fresh herbs instead. Get creative!

2. Simple Holiday Spruce-up
Take your favourite elements from the season and simply attach them to the glass with hot glue. Choose a medley of autumnal inspiration like:

  1. Harvest corn
  2. Festive colored rocks or pebbles
  3. Dried corn kernels
  4. Cinnamon sticks
  5. Pumpkin seeds
  6. Glitter
  7. Acorns

3. Custom Cut-outs: A Family Project
Get the younger family members involved! Use construction paper to trace and cut out silhouettes of holiday shapes, and then use them as customized decorations.

Construction paper or colour card stock
3 pillar candles
Tape adhesive
Pencil (to trace or draw with)


  1. Cut a long strip of construction paper, about 2 centimetres (3/4 inch) thick
  2. Wrap paper around the candle, overlap the ends and tape into place
  3. Have the kids draw or trace shapes onto another colour construction paper
  4. Have an adult cut the shapes out
  5. Slip the shapes into place underneath the strip of paper
  6. Secure with tape as needed

Tip: Use a decorated flameless candle in a child’s room to replace a traditional nightlight.

4. Holiday Cheer
Use bells and ribbon from a craft supply store for a wintery look. If you can’t find bells, any small ornaments or trinkets will do! Layer in some greenery around the centrepiece to complete the look.

Pillar candles
Small ornaments
Holiday ribbon


  1. Wrap ribbon around candle cover and tie in a knot or bow
  2. Hang ornaments from the knot in the ribbon, threading through as needed
  3. Trim the ends

Although decorating a candle might have been something you never thought you could do, it’s an easy way to put subtle touches on things that truly complete your home décor.

Elizabeth and her pal Candie are co-founders of Craftbaby. Find their insight on anything — whether it's painting office walls pink (home décor), chasing after a messy toddler (parenting), creating because they’re too cheap (DIY) or cooking without wheat so they don't get puffy (recipes).



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