3 Ways to Upgrade Vinyl Floors

Use these 3 simple techniques to breathe new life into your vinyl floors.

By: Amanda Palmer

Option 1: Paint. Get a few more years out your current floors by sprucing them up with paint. There is a method to it, but the results will last.

Painter’s tape
Paint roller (17 1/2-23 centimetres (7-9 inches) with a short, smooth nap)
Water-based primer
Porch paint
One weekend


  1. Clean the floors well. Some people give floor a light sanding to remove years of grime and create a point of grip for the paint. This is optional
  2. Tape off the baseboards or corner beading
  3. Roll out one layer of water-based primer with a polyester roller. Let dry
  4. Give the floors a second coat after the first dries completely
  5. Tape down any stencils or striping you wish to use with painter’s tape, and then add a layer of base coat over the tape to prevent bleeding
  6. Apply the porch paint with a roller. Usually two coats are enough. Let dry
  7. Remove tape. Take a small artist’s paintbrush to touch up any bleeding marks

Tip: Begin at the farthest wall and work your way toward the doorway. If there are no windows, you can use a box fan to help with drying.

Option 2: Upgrade to peel-and-stick tiles. A simple refinishing of some new peel-and-stick tiles is a fast, easy way to make the floor look like new.

Option 3: Replace with new vinyl sheeting. There have been tremendous upgrades when it comes to vinyl sheeting. This is a perfect option for high-traffic areas (like by a side door or laundry room).
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