Thanksgiving Place Settings: Rosemary Wreath and Pumpkin Leaf

Delight friends and family with these personalized place settings for Thanksgiving.

1. Rosemary Wreath Place Holder
Display this miniature wreath atop a plain linen napkin for a rustic yet elegant presentation.

Rosemary sprigs (20-centimetres long or longer)
Bounty paper towels
Floral wire (green or silver)
Twine (white or natural)


  1. Soak rosemary sprigs in water long enough to make them flexible. Blot them dry with a paper towel, then cut them into 20-centimetre lengths with scissors. (Shorter lengths will work, but you'll need to adjust the size of the nametags to suit the smaller wreaths)
  2. Gently form one of the sprigs into a circle, overlapping the edges slightly. Wind a short piece of floral wire around the overlapped edges to secure the shape
  3. Using the scissors, cut a 25-centimetre-long piece of twine. Wrap the twine around the top of the wreath two or three times (cover any exposed floral wire if you can). Tie a knot, then tie the twine in a bow. Snip off excess twine

If you want to personalize each wreath, use heavy paper or cardstock to cut some rectangles or ribbon shapes, about as wide as each wreath. Write the names of your guests on each, and slide the nametag between the rosemary leaves.

2. Mini Pumpkin Place Holders
Celebrate the season’s bounty by creating pretty place holders from miniature pumpkins.

Miniature pumpkins with stems (one per place holder)
Heavy paper: white or cream (or an old book you don’t mind destroying)
Leaf template (maple leaf, oak leaf or simple curved leaf)*
Fine-point black permanent marker
Small hole punch
Twine (white or natural)

*Tip: Create a simple leaf template by folding a piece of paper in half, then cutting a gentle curve that begins and ends on the folded side.


  1. Wash and dry the miniature pumpkins, taking care to keep the stems attached (apples or pears could work as well)
  2. Using your chosen leaf template(s) and a pencil, trace leaves onto white or cream-coloured paper or pages from an old book you’re okay cutting up
  3. Using scissors, cut out one leaf per placeholder
  4. Using a fine-point permanent marker, write each guest’s name on a leaf
  5. Punch a small hole near the stem end of the leaf, and string a small piece of twine through the hole
  6. Tie a knot with the twine and hang the leaf nametag from the pumpkin stem

Do you have a place card that’s easy to make last minute? Share the instructions in the comments below!



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