Sweet Succulent Showcase

Decorate with succulent plants this season and take your garden décor to new heights!

Love the look of fresh greenery around the house, but suffer from a bit of a black thumb? Succulents to the rescue!

These hardy little plants make it easy for even the most inexperienced of gardeners to add a little green to their indoor décor. The best part: they require almost no maintenance when compared to their blooming counterpart. Check out these 6 ways to incorporate them into your home – from the outside, in!


Most of us have old or mismatched chairs around the house, and we don’t always know what to do with them. Instead of donating that rickety chair, consider preserving Aunt Nancy’s orange chair by transforming it into a succulent planter. You’ll add a new touch of easy-to-maintain greenery to the garden this season (without buying a new planter)!


Make a living, wall-mounted monogram with this DIY project.

Wooden letter frame
Variety of succulent plants
Wire mesh (chicken wire)
Staples & staple gun
Wire cutters

Soak the moss in water, and then use it to fill the wooden frame
Staple wire mesh to the frame to hold the moss in place, using the wire cutters to trim around the frame
Carefully separate the succulents to have individual plants for planting
Create small holes in the moss for the succulents using your finger, and then insert the roots of the succulents into the holes. Continue until letter frame is filled to your liking ;


Succulents can add life to even the tiniest of spaces, and no wall is too small with these tiny bottle cork planters. Using magnets and used corks, the kids can even help create these small but mighty decorative touches!

Tip: Spritz these tiny cork planters once a week with water to keep them looking fresh.


Another project that’s well worth the heavy lifting, this garden bench lets you literally sit down and smell the roses. Part box planter and part bench, this combination is perfectly suited for succulents to grow and thrive. If you’ve been pining for a garden bench, look no more – this one has even more in store!


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