Plant Pairing Ideas

Discover how to pair indoor plants beautifully and functionally in every room.

Houseplants are the perfect finishing touch for any room. Gather ideas for ideal plant pairings, learn about companion planting and find the right plant for every spot.

Companion Planting

  • Place plants with similar care instructions together to make tending them easier.
  • Shade smaller, more delicate plants with taller plants.
  • Plants grouped together boost humidity. This is especially helpful for plants that love moist air.

Warm-Room Pairings

  • Plant a variety of dwarf citrus trees — like dwarf Meyer lemon or kumquat—together for a beautiful, fragrant indoor citrus garden.
  • Combine trailing baby’s tears with myrtle for an elegant, topiary look.
  • Couple fragrant herbs like mint or lemon balm for an indoor herb garden that’s perfect for tea.

Cool-Room Pairings

  • Use a glass terrarium or cloche to protect a grouping of sensitive plants like ivy, moss or Maidenhair ferns.
  • Pair geraniums with variegated-leaf coleus for a lush display of foliage ranging from pale green to deep purple.

High-Humidity Pairings

  • Plant a wide, shallow pot with a variety of orchids, small ferns and moss for a lasting centerpiece.
  • Cluster varieties like Boston, Maidenhair or Asparagus ferns together in a single container for a lush look.

Low-Humidity Pairings

  • Mix and match six or more varieties of cactus and plant together in a wide, shallow pot.*
  • Pick and choose a selection of small succulents and plant them together in a long, narrow container for a gorgeous dining room centerpiece.

*Tip: Cacti and succulents need excellent drainage, so be sure to line their pots with gravel and check for drainage holes.

Using these tips, all the plants in your home can thrive — no matter what climate — and provide you with beauty and fragrance for years to come.


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