Fall Yard Cleanup with the Family

Enjoy quality time with your family while completing common fall outdoor chores.

If your family tends to stay indoors once the season turns chilly, we’ve got some great indoor options for you: all-day pancakes and PJs, no-fuss birdfeeder pine cones and some beautiful leaf art.

But if you and yours want to breathe in some of that crisp air and enjoy some family time (while still getting a little work done), check out this list below for getting your yard ready for winter.

The ultimate goal when raking, of course, is to get a leaf pile big enough to jump in. Some other things to keep in mind so the buildup of leaves doesn’t damage the yard:

  • Do a little bit each week. Don’t wait until every leaf has fallen.
  • When you do get to the jumping part, check leaf piles for sharp sticks and stones.
  • Teamwork is essential. It’s practically impossible to rake leaves into those huge bags by yourself. Have a kid hold the bag while you rake it in.

Save a few leaves and keep their beauty intact to use as in frames as pieces of art.

Garden Cleanup
Your garden needs an annual cleanup as well, especially if you’re planning to maintain a fall vegetable garden. Let the kids dig in the dirt for a bit while you take care of some garden maintenance:

  • Pull spent annuals, and leave the roots behind to decompose in the soil.
  • Divide perennials to create more thriving plants for next spring’s garden.
  • Clear plant debris and stubborn weeds from garden beds and landscaping.
  • Clean your garden tools to get them ready for winter storage.
  • Start planting bulbs to ensure next springtime’s blooms.

Dealing with the Junk
If you have summer stuff sitting around – bikes, wagons, pool toys or patio furniture – it can be tough finding a place for everything. See our tips for getting your outdoors in order.

By caring for your lawn and garden in the fall, you can rest assured that they’ll survive the winter and thrive come springtime.

Have a chore or any advice for those battening down their lawns for winter? Let us know in the comments section below!


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