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When spring starts, don’t let spring-cleaning keep you inside your house!

Spring-cleaning has always struck me as an old fashioned idea. We spend three months locked up inside our homes in winter, then the weather turns nice and everyone wants to be inside cleaning.


When winter finally takes the hint and makes room for spring, I want to be elbow deep in my flowerbeds! I keep my cleaning products on hand for this exact reason. It’s hard to focus on your garden when the dust bunnies indoors are making you feel like there’s work to be done. Cue SwifferMagic EraserFebreze and Bounty with Dawn to help me keep up with all my indoor cleaning. And with that done, I’m free to get out in that garden!


When I was younger I used to be so anxious to see flowers in my garden that I’d begin planting as soon as the soil was soft enough. Now that I’m a bit wiser (and yes, older), I understand the importance of proper garden prep.

This article is a great reminder of everything you need to get your garden ready and growing ASAP.


Are there any people out there that like weeding? It is rewarding because it makes your garden feel exquisitely clean and healthy, but it’s easily my least favourite part of gardening.

Speaking of spring, early weeding is one of the best things you can do to minimize the amount of time spent bent over pulling up those stubborn plants.


It took me years of gardening before I felt comfortable trying to start from scratch. There’s nothing wrong with plopping grown flowers into your beds, but if you’re feeling particularly ambitious this year— it’s easier than you think.


If you haven’t already scratched your spring cleaning itch, you may want to wait until after you tackle this one. Mulching is obviously messy, but it can be tons of fun! Just stay focused on how beautiful your beds will look (and the fact that you can skip the day’s workout after all that heave-ho-ing).


Keep the fresh, cool rainy days. Keep the butterflies and green grass. To make spring feel like spring, all I need are tulips.


Home clean, beds ready, mulch down, tulips growing? You must be superhuman! Well, if you’ve done all that and you’re still buzzing with spring energy, why not put the finishing touch on your favourite outdoor space with a gorgeous DIY garden planter?


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