4 Decorative Garden Hose Storage Ideas

Find garden hose storage ideas that will improve your outdoor space.

A garden hose is a backyard staple — and one consistently used to keep our lawns and plants healthy and well watered. Hoses are also necessary for cleaning and other yardwork. When we need one, a garden hose at reach is a blessing, but when we’re finished we want it out of sight.

Apart from coiling it up and tossing it aside (or hiding it behind a bush), here are some creative garden hose storage ideas that will keep you organized until you need the hose again.

Hose “Wreath”
If you have a back or side door (or a tool shed), you can coil up your hose and hang it on the door like a decorative wreath. Find a pretty coat hook, doorknob or even an attractive bucket. Fasten securely to the door (attach a bucket with the bottom side flush to the door). When it’s time to stow the hose away, coil around the hook, knob, or bucket tightly. This will keep the hose looking neat and part of the door decoration.

Hose Pot
If you have a large ceramic planting pot that’s not in use, give it new life by making it a hose storage pot. The shape lends itself to holding a coiled hose neatly. The pot won’t look out of place in your yard, so your storage vessel won’t become an eyesore. If you wind up needing that pot for planting, you can coil your hose around the outside of the pot as a new storage option.

Storage Bag
Try tucking your hose neatly away in a waterproof storage bag, which you can set in your shed or out of sight in your garden. There are bags made especially for hoses, with a round shape, but you can create your own storage bag, too. The best part of using a bag is that you can carry your hose neatly from the front yard to the back. Hoses travel well this way, in case you want to take it somewhere in your car.

Outdoor Bench
If you have a nice bench in your garden or backyard, you can stow your hose out of sight by wrapping it around one edge of the bench seat or around the bottom legs of the bench. You can also use patio seat legs for the same purpose. Just be sure the entire hose is tucked in tightly to avoid any trips or falls. You’ll always know where your hose is and it will be readily available come watering time.

How do you store your hose? Have any other garden hose storage ideas? Please share your tips with our gardening community!


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