Painted, Glittered or Tiered: DIY Planters That Inspire

Add some sparkle and maximize your gardening space with these easy DIY planters.

For many of us, planters are a go-to staple for indoor décor. If you’re tired of displaying your beloved houseplants in the same old terracotta planters, try these fresh, patio-friendly takes on the typical display.

Stack ‘Em

  1. Select three terracotta pots in varying sizes.
  2. Decorate and paint each pot before assembling the planter. (Tip: Acrylic paint is great for decorating pots because it’s waterproof and comes in a variety of bright colors.)
  3. Fill all three pots with soil, leaving enough room to nestle the smaller pots in the soil.
  4. Place the medium-sized pot in the center of the largest pot, about 2 inches deep. Place the smallest pot in the center of the medium-sized pot. (Tip: Try planting strawberries or flowers in the smallest pot.)

Repurpose a Toolbox

  1. Purchase a used toolbox at a yard sale or thrift store. Boxes with one or two inner trays that rise as you open the lid work best for planting.
  2. Wash the toolbox with Dawn dish soap and water, and let it dry.
  3. Before adding soil and plants, dress up the toolbox with spray paint and embellishments.
  4. Place fresh soil in the trays and bottom, and then add plants. (Tip: Herbs like basil, lavender or sage work best in this planter.)

Serve Up Plants in a Pie Tin

  1. Select a metal pie stand and two pie tins.
  2. Fill each pie tin with soil, and plant seeds or starter plants. (Tip: Succulents work best because the pie tins are shallow.)
  3. Place each tin in the pie stand to display.

Tier Plants in a Garden Fountain

  1. Purchase a used tiered garden water fountain at a yard sale or thrift store.
  2. Make sure the fountain is level before adding soil.
  3. Fill each tier with soil.
  4. Plant veggies like carrots, radishes or beets.

Give Your Planters a Makeover

  1. Paint the upper rim of a terracotta clay pot. Or if you’re feeling ambitious, try painting stripes! (Tip: Use painter’s tape to easily paint straight lines.)
  2. Use glitter paint to write an inspiring phrase on your pot, like “I Will Survive!” or “Life Is Beautiful”.

Potting Soil Tips

  • Make sure the roots of your plants have enough air under the soil. When choosing a potting soil, look for one that’s light and fluffy. Potting soil is best for containers because it’s lighter than soil from a garden bed. It typically contains peat, sand, composted bark and perlite.
  • Some bagged potting soils also contain ingredients that help retain moisture, which is helpful for shallow planters placed in full sunlight.
  • When you’re finished planting, use Bounty paper towels or a Swiffer WetJet to help clean up quickly.
  • Keep your gardening clothes fresh – and remove stubborn dirt stains – with Tide PODS.



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