DIY Garden Planters

DIY Garden Planters

Fun and creative planters are a great way to add interest to your garden.

By Kyle Benzinger

Potted plants are a great way to add a touch of nature’s beauty to any outdoor space. Think beyond the traditional clay flowerpot or round planter and experiment with colour, texture and size. Placing some of these unexpected items in surprising locations will make your outdoor space fun and add interest (and style) to your home’s gardens.

Hidden Treasure
Get the kids involved and excited about gardening. During the summer, yard sales and open-air flea markets are plentiful. Challenge little ones to find something they’ve never seen plants in before. Anything from a vintage red wagon to a retro, toy dump truck will do the trick.

Tip: If your child’s clothes are covered in dirt and grass stains from helping in the yard, Tide Pods cleans, removes stains and helps to keep their clothes bright.

Home Furnishings to Horticultural Hosts
Is that old dresser from your child’s nursery still taking up space in the basement? If so, repurpose it for a fun and interesting planter. Staggering the drawers of an old dresser adds great dimension to any garden. Choose to use a single drawer, plant in each drawer or use the entire dresser as a planter. Just fill them with your favourite flowers and in no time at all, your landscaping will have an eye-catching accent that’s easy to make and fun to create!

Tip: If you find that your garden needs a pop of colour, not to worry. Painting your outdoor accents in a bold hue will give them new life.

Upcycled Steel
Galvanized steel is a great way to add a subtle metallic element to your flowerbed. From tubs and waste cans to watering cans and mailboxes, these metal objects can soon become a collage of colour throughout the summer.

Tip: Remember to drill a few small holes in the bottom of the metal planter you choose so you don’t drown your daisies or swamp your petunias.

Home Goods, Reimagined
Hanging baskets adorn many entranceways with beautiful blossoms and appealing greenery throughout the summer. Try planting in a simple metal colander with a chain for a kitschy feel. Or, if you are going for a more elegant look, locate some glass lampshades that were designed to suspend from the ceiling. Your local antique mall is a great place to start your search for a bargain.

Go Big or Go Home
If you’re looking to add a statement piece that really stands out in your yard, go for something big. No one will expect to see an old porcelain bathtub full of flowers among your summer shrubs. Also, instead of using standard flower boxes for that herb garden in your side yard, try an old canoe with a distressed finish.

Tip: Combine your garden statement piece with DIY Garden Mushrooms for a scene full of surprises!

For the Birds
Instead of water, try filling a standard birdbath with small flowers like begonias, geraniums or impatiens. Better yet, try hanging a few wire birdcages from a tree in the backyard. Place a small pot filled with your favourite vine or flower inside each cage and watch them thrive all summer long.

What unique or interesting finds do you use in your garden? Tell us in the comments below.


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