DIY Florist: 3 Ways to Create Dazzling Holiday Arrangements

DIY Florist: 3 Ways to Create Dazzling Holiday Arrangements

Enjoy three dazzling arrangements this holiday season.

Put the finishing touches on your holiday home with dazzling bouquets that feature the beauty of the season. Start with our bouquet-bundling tips, and then discover three distinct looks perfect for parties and everyday decorating.

Bouquet Bundling Basics
Follow these tips to prolong the beauty of your bouquets.

  • Look for perky stems with no signs of wilting and buds that are just about to bloom.
  • Always trim stems under water so they don’t dry out, which can cause quicker wilting. Use a sharp knife, as scissors can crush the stems, and cut at an angle to open up more of the stem to water absorption.
  • Dissolve a packet of flower food in water, and then pour into your container.*
  • Trim stems to your desired length and arrange them as you please. Work quickly so the stems don’t have time to dry out.
  • Replenish water regularly, and if the vase solution becomes cloudy, replace the water, trimming the stems again before re-submerging. And keep bouquets out of direct sunlight — even on cold days, the hot glare can scorch them.
  • As a general rule, flower buds stay closed when cold and open when warm. If you don’t want them to bloom for a few days, place them in a cool, shady spot.

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*Tip: Make your own flower food: dissolve 30 mL (2 tablespoons) fresh lemon juice, 15 mL (1 tablespoon) sugar and 7 mL (1/2 teaspoon) bleach per quart of water.

Dazzling Holiday Bouquets
Try these three unique looks for a beautiful arrangement this season.

1. Winter Wonderland
Start with snow-white roses, lilies and mums, and then fill out the arrangement with wispy baby’s breath and silvery, soft-as-felt dusty miller. And to get that fresh-fallen snow sparkle, tuck plastic pearl sprays into the bouquet and tie glittering silver ribbon around the vase.

2. Wild Whimsy

In this forest-inspired bundle, in-season greenery and natural accents take centre stage. Sprigs of Scotch pine, variegated boxwood, seeded eucalyptus and dusty miller are dotted with fuzzy purple veronica flowers and Queen Anne’s lace. As the final touch, add a cluster of pinecones and simple wrap of burlap.

Tip: To add earthy texture to arrangements, incorporate dried mushroom sponges and artificial seed heads — available in the faux flower sections of most craft stores.

3. Monochromatic Red
This bouquet creates an oh-so-festive display of jewel-toned reds. Pair scarlet-coloured roses — miniature and large — with lipstick-red ranunculus blooms, then fill gaps with clusters of ruby-hued hypericum berries and bright red ornaments. And to top it all off, try a grouping of ornaments atop a sheer red bow.

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