6 Gardening Activities for Winter

Explore our six creative ideas for gardening projects to do during winter.

Now is the perfect time for you to get moving on key tasks that will enhance spring gardens and keep indoor plants healthy now. Use our six ideas to keep your thumb green throughout the winter:

1. Start a Garden Journal
Record what and where you planted last year, how everything went and start recording ideas for the spring garden.

  • Lose yourself in the pages of gardening books, magazines and catalogues, and clip pages for inspiration.
  • Create a planting map of your garden and use it as a guide for ordering seeds or buying from your local garden centre in the coming months.

2. Consult the Experts
Winter gives landscapers and other gardening professionals more time to give you personal attention and time to share advice and tips. Visit local garden centres, farmers or landscapers, and get a second opinion about your gardening ideas and plans.

Tip: Try your hand at creating our simple DIY Decorative Vegetable Jars to get through the chillier months.

3. Check out Seed Catalogues
If you’re planning to try something more exotic this year, seed catalogues are the way to go. Order early to prevent missing out on the planting window because seeds are out of stock, and check for early bird discounts. Use them for inspiration for varieties you may not have otherwise known about.

4. Tend to Indoor Plants
Don’t forget your indoor greenery; houseplants often need some special attention in the winter.

  • For plants that need a natural light source, close the curtains or blinds between the window and your houseplants on very cold nights or move plants to the centre of the room away from drafty windows or doors.
  • Make certain that plants have sufficient humidity by setting a cup of water nearby.
  • If you plan to start seeds indoors, be sure to calculate back at least six weeks before the last frost before you begin.

5. Get Your Soil Tested
Do you ever wonder why certain plants just don’t seem to flourish? It may not have anything to do with you. Soil pH, nutrients and other characteristics can all affect what will grow well in the garden and what won’t. Contact your local nursery for kits to test your soil.

6. Clean Garden Tools
Winter is a great time to take inventory of all your gardening tools and machinery.

  • Make sure everything is safe from the elements and get rid of any tools that are broken or badly damaged.
  • In your garden journal, record anything you need to replace.
  • Get items like lawn mowers serviced, sharpen your shears and clean trowels to remove grass, dirt or other debris. This way, your tools are like new when you’re ready to head back into the garden.

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