Preparing the Game-day Spread

Celebrate game day the way you want with these helpful ideas.

October is the only month when we have all five major U.S. sports leagues in season: football, basketball, baseball, soccer and hockey. So you may have your fair share of game-day gatherings you’ll be going to or hosting.

So if you’re looking to be the MVP and put on a nice spread for your family and friends, check out our ideas.


Did you know that Buffalo wings are named after the city in New York and not after the animal? Regardless of that little bit of trivia, people will love this game-day staple.

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It’s not really game day without a little sugar rush.

Decorate cupcakes or other desserts in team colours – with half representing one team and the other half representing the opposing team. This is especially fun if you’re hosting a mixed fan base for the big game.

Or cut a sheet cake into an iconic shape for your sport de jour – like a football, hockey stick or baseball bat. Or just leave it rectangular and use frosting to pipe the lines you would normally see on the field, court or ice.

Or just make some cookies. Everyone loves cookies. And decorate them to fit the game.


Sliders are great game day food not only because they’re simple to make, but you can justify eating a bunch of them since, you know, they’re so tiny.

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If you want something easy that you can prepare first thing in the morning and serve at game time, slow cooker meals can’t be beat.

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You can replicate a little of that stadium experience if you serve popcorn, peanuts, chips or pretzels in paper cups or paper sacks. Go all out with the popcorn flavours with these 10 popcorn recipes. Trail mix and granola are also great options.

How do you celebrate game days? Let us know in the comments section below!


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